Sofidel America Tornado

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Manufacturing, Supply Chain


Project Overview

Located in Circleville, Sofidel America Tornado includes the new construction of a tissue paper manufacturing plant for one of the world’s largest tissue paper manufacturers. Containing dual, parallel production lines stretching over 4,000 linear feet in length, the plant processes incoming bales of dried paper pulp and ships out retail packages of toilet paper and paper towels directly to store shelves.
Contracted with Gray Construction, Inc, Baker Concrete placed over 50,000 cubic yards of cast-in-place concrete in four sections of the project. First, the most structurally complex building, the giant “Paper Machine” compresses paper pulp into individual plies of tissue paper. Second, two CoGeneration buildings that house the power generating equipment necessary to operate the entire plant. Third, the product inventory building where a robotic package handling system stacks boxes of finished products in a 225,000 square foot warehouse towering over 60 feet tall. Fourth, a 20,000sf WWTP facility with over 1000‘ of 20’ high tank walls, and a 40’ diameter clarifier tank with 15’ tall radius walls.
The signature structure of this project was the two elevated concrete decks that supports the Paper Machine where paper pulp is formed into individual paper plies by a 14′-diameter cylindrical dyer. These 700+ cubic yard concrete decks included a web of cast-in-place concrete beams, with a concrete deck over top. They required three separate concrete placements and the installation of over 500 anchor bolts. Communication was key on this project. With some precast elements weighing over 200,000 pounds, Baker’s daily coordination with the precast contractor was integral to keeping both crews safe and meeting the project schedule.
Baker is proud to have been a part of constructing such a massive operation that touches millions of households and businesses all across the country.




Circleville, OH


428,000 SF


March 2018